Anjali Completes Ten Years in Tamil Cinema

Tamil cinema’s talented heroine Anjali completed ten years in Tamil cinema. Anjali’s Balloon is scheduled to hit the screens on December 29, before one week of release, the actress says “ I always make it a point to listen to the whole story and read the full bound script before committing to any script. I loved and accepted to do ‘Balloon’ not just because I love horror movies but I liked the script so much and the suspense element was brilliant.

Though ‘Balloon’ is a horror thriller, it also has enough of romance, comedy and other emotions well blended. Director Sinish has defined each and every character very well. It is always a joy to work with Jai, who has done a dual role in this movie. My character in the movie is definitely not a usual one. I am sure the audiences are going to enjoy and love ‘Balloon’ to the hilt”.

The actress also talked on completing ten years in Tamil cinema, she said: “I am so happy that I have completed a decade as an actress and I want to work many more years and become a more successful actress and a performer”.