Heroine Geetha Hung via Ropes for 15 Days for Sangu Sakkaram

It turns out that Geetha, a debuting heroine who plays the female lead in an upcoming film titled as Sangu Sakkaram, underwent the ordeal of hanging upside down tied to a rope for 15 days to shoot an ‘important sequence’ in the film.

Debutant director Maaresan, who made Geetha undergo the above-said ‘punishment’ as he wanted the sequence to look as nature as it can get, explains the turn of events. “It’s a film based on children’s whims and fantasies and is also a horror film. Sangu Sakkaram has debutant Geethha in the lead.

“For shooting a particular sequence in the film, she had to hang upside down tied to a rope and cooperated very well for 15 days to shoot the sequence. It was utterly necessary as it’s a horror film. Likewise, Baby Monika has also put in lot of hard-work to star in the film. More than 9 child artistes are part of the film and cooperated like gems like professional artistes.

“Rajkumar and Sathish, who made films such as Idharkuthaane Asaipattai Balakumara, are producing the film which has music by Sabeer. Ravi Kannan is the film’s cinematographer,” informs Maaresan.