Shocking: No Buyers for This Hit Tamil Film!

It’s shocking, there are no buyers of Kuttram 23, one of the major hits of this year. In a statement, the producers said that they are looking for a right buyer for the satellite and digital rights of the film.

“Our first production “Kuttram 23” starring Arun Vijay and Mahima Nambiar, Directed by Arivazhagan was a Huge Success. We thank you for the wonderful support you poured on us. Kuttram 23 is a mile Stone in Actor Arun Vijay’s career, also it yielded good name for Director Arivazhagan and the technicians who worked in this movie. It gave “Successful Production Company” Tag to our “Redhan – The Cinema People”.

Now we are in talks with big channels for the satellite rights, digital rights and also few production companies for the other language rights of “Kuttram 23”. We are waiting for the perfect deal that matches our production cost and we will officially announce once its done”, said the producers of Kuttram 23.

The producers are also added, “We looking forward to your continued support for our second production “Thadam”, which is shaping up very well. Thadam Directed by Magizh Thirumeni. Arun Vijay does the lead role in this movie”.