Mersal and Vivegam Editor: Sivakarthikeyan’s Velaikkaran Is a Challenging Film!

Mersal and Vivegam editor Ruben says that his next movie Velaikkaran is a challenging project. “Velaikkaran is quite a challenging film as it involves so many layers as a story. To maintain the ratio of emotions, entertainment, and social responsibility that the film possesses demanded scrupulous efforts”, said Ruben.

Ruben says Sivakarthikeyan is his close friend but he approached the film considering him as a star. “Sivakarthikeyan has been my close friend over years and this happens to be my second film after ‘Remo’. But being an editor, I had to start approaching him like a star than a friend to ensure that the output turns up well.

To be precise, I started following Sivakarthikeyan fans to escalate my editing skills in Velaikkaran and analyzed what they actually expect from him. It naturally gave me lots of inputs to work on editing and incorporating them with demands of the story was pretty challenging”, says Ruben.