Tv Host Divya Reveals the Sexual Harassment She Faced From Film-makers

At a time when the world is at everybody’s finger-tips thanks to the information technology revolution giving access to anything and everything on TV and mobile-phones within a few seconds, one thing which hasn’t changed over the years – unfortunately – is the issue of sexual harassment faced by newcomers and wannabe actresses at the hands of lustful film producers.

Of late, actresses in Bollywood and Hollywood have been coming out in the open about the kind of sexual abuse/harassment they had to encounter on their way to (acquiring) stardom. A few actresses in Kollywood and Mollywood have also spoken about this. The latest to join the issue is popular television host Divya, who hosts the reality cooking show Samaiyal Mandhiram on a popular regional television channel.

Pretty-looking Divya shares her experience of sexual harassment. “After I became popular thanks to this reality show, I got a few offers to star in tele-serials too. I was asked to respond to one such offer to star in a serial on air on a popular television channel. The next day, a member of the crew approached me and asked me to send to the producer skimpily-clad and semi-nude/nude photographs of mine.

“I didn’t flinch and took the person to task for mustering courage to come up to me and talk in such a manner. After a few moments, the person apologized to me,” says Divya and adds that women face problems aplenty in all professions. “We have to possess supreme self-confidence in clearing all these hurdles to succeed,” concludes the television anchor.