Does Vijay Antony Demand an Exorbitant Sum of Rs.10 Crores as Fee?

It is rumuored strongly in Kollywood circles that music director-turned-hero Vijay Antony is demanding (and getting) Rs.10 crores as his fee per film.

Out of Vijay Antony’s films – Naan, Saleem, India Pakistan, Pichaikkaran, Yeman, Saithaan and Annadurai, only Pichaikkaran turned out to be a super-hit venture with the other films earning moderate to good collections at theatres. Some say the distributors suffered losses in all the films except Pichaikkaran.

Vijay Antony’s recent film Annadurai, sold at Rs.6.5 crores, reportedly resulted in a loss of Rs.4 crores to the distributor who is now going mad on how to get his money back. He is said to have sounded Vijay Antony, who demands and gets Rs.10 crores per film, to do something ‘at the earliest’ so that his loss is compensated aptly.

The music director-turned-hero also produces most of his films on ‘first copy’ basis for which he should be paid Rs.5 crores by the producer. When Vijay Antony demanded Rs.10 crores as his fee to a producer prior to the release of his Annadurai, the producer didn’t flinch and shot back telling him that he shouldn’t be demanding such a high fee as the business of his films haven’t yet breached the Rs.10 crores mark!