Kreshna’s Veera Postponed Again, Producer in Deep Trouble!

Kreshna’s Veera has been postponed again, the producer said that they have pushed the film after knowing that more than 10 films are releasing on the same day.

Orange Creations, distributor of the film said: “We are unable to release our movie “Veera” due to fractured shows which have been allotted to as in theaters request you to kindly look into this issue as it is booming up and affecting the release of many films.

This is mainly due to multiple films releasing in a week. This week around 10 films are releasing. With this situation, none of the films will be getting proper screens. If the same situation persists, we will rapidly lose all good producers and distributors.

It would be of great help if producer council brings out a streamline for the release of movies in a week.We sincerely thank producer Mr. Elred Kumar sir and TN Distributors for being with us at all times and soon you will witness the release of the movie in a grand way”.