Karthick Naren Reveals Naragasooran ‘s Storyline

Director Karthick Naren of Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru fame has completed the shoot of his second film ‘Naragasooran’ featuring Sundeep Kishan, Arvind Swamy, Shriya Saran, Aathmika and Indrajith.

Today, Karthick Naren quoted a Bible verse and revealed it as the basic synopsis of Naragasooran.

“They were startled and frightened, thinking they saw a ghost. He said to them, “Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds? Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself! Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have.Luke 24 : 37- 39”, tweeted Karthick Naren.

The film will release on February 2018.