Once Again Radhikaa Trolls Vishal

Veteran actress Radhikaa always is known for criticizing Vishal as he defeated her husband Sarathkumar in the previous Nadigar Sangam election.

After reading the tweet of producer Dhananjayan explaining the immature protest at the recent Producers council tweet, Radhikaa tweeted “Funny to hear President (Vishal) saying “if there is a problem they should come to the office and discuss not go to press. engeyo kaytta kural.He who knows nothing about respect or protocol,looks like Jekyl and Hyde”.

Dhananjayan originally tweeted “Very sad to see no unity among Tamil Film Producers, which is delaying every good initiative. When a team is elected, they must be given a chance to work & prove. If the motive is to oppose for the sake of it, there is no solution to our problems. Hope everyone realises this”.