Actress Gayatri Gupta Recounts Tale of Sexual Harassment Attempt

In yet another shocking incident which reminds repeatedly about the insecurity of wannabe and even established actresses, actress Gayatri Gupta has come out in the open about the sexual harassment attempt made on her by a producer.

Gayatri played actress Sai Pallavi’s friend in the latter’s debut Telugu film Fidaa which released a few month back and turned out to be successful. Recounting her horror tale, Gayahri says “It is not easy to get film offers in film industry. I once got an offer and told the agent beforehand about my conditions and made it very clear that under no circumstances would I share bed with any producer or director to get film offer.

“I was promised it won’t be the case. However, the situation changed as days passed by as I was told I’d get a hefty sum if I ‘adjusted’ for a few hours in the night to which I replied that I wasn’t in a position to forfeit my self-esteem. The sex-for-films offers, however, never stopped. Once, a producer told me that he would drop me home and mid-way through the journey, he said the car had broken down and stopped the car.

“He took me to his residence nearby and I realized only later that the car hadn’t actually broken down. Soon after entering the house, he tried to take off my clothes and force himself on me. However, I pushed him down and vacated the place at once and later opted out of his film. I’d always raise my voice for women’s empowerment. It is unfortunate that a few women compromise their dignity for money,” she said.