Joker and Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru Producer Says Aruvi Is His Best Film

Far-famed for producing some of the top-notch films over the years, Dream Warrior Pictures is now invigorated over its upcoming film ‘Aruvi’. The film directed by Arun Prabhu Purushothaman is scheduled for release on December 15. The entire team was present here in Chennai to interact with media and press.

Actor Madan Kumar said “I thank director and producer for giving me an opportunity to act into this movie. It gave a wonderful experience. There is something special about director Arun Prabhu Purushothaman. During the auditions, he complimented my performance, but straight away told that it’s not up to his expectations and pushed me to meet his demands. I am sure that Arun will be a high on demand writer in film industry after the release of Aruvi.”

Anjali Vardhan told, “Usually Transgender would be used as a medium of humour in the films. But Arun Prabhu has given me a wonderful chance. My portions are mainly occur during the second half. I am so happy that entire team treated me like one among them in spite of me being a transgender.”

Actress Swetha Sekar – “Although my role in this film is minimal, I have been given a decent scope to performance. Many times, I would wonder looking upon some sets as they looked so much original.”

Music Director Vedanth says, “Bindhu Malini has been associated with me in composing music for this film. I would say that ‘MUSIC’ will be almost like a character in ‘ARUVI’. While narrating the script to me, I could realize how much special music is going to be in this movie. We had completed background score even before the shooting commenced.”

Art director Chitti Babu, “Arun is so much disciplined that he doesn’t compromise even with the small property in the backdrops. He would wait till it reaches the sets and during the interim shoots some other portions.”

Editor Raymond Derrick Crasta said, “I have been a part of this project from the time of its inception. I am so happy that Arun Prabhu has been able to translate the script exactly as planned into celluloid.”

Cinematographer Shelley Calist said,” I am thankful to the producer SR Prabhu sir for being so much supportive. The film has different genres into it. We shot the film with small camera.”

Aditi Balan, who plays the lead role in this film as Aruvi surprised everyone with just few words. Later she added up a jocular statement saying, “If it was a courtroom, I would talk much better. But this is something new to me.”

Filmmaker Arun Prabhu Purushothaman thanked all his gurus from his father to late director Bala Mahendra, K.S. Ravikumar for guiding him in the right way and giving the opportunity. The film is written keeping ‘LOVE’ as the central theme and hopes it would be received with same from the people.

Producer SR Prabhu concluded the event with his speech saying, “If we are asked to name one best single movie from our production, it would be ‘ARUVI’. When we were attending many International Film Festivals, I was asked to list the movies produced. It was a critical situation, where I had to refrain from mentioning few movies. It was the moment our thoughts were provoked to make some exceptional movies.

During the shoot of Biriyani, cinematographer Sakthi Saravanan suggested me a script and it was quite engrossing. We invited Arun Prabhu to narrate the script at 9.30 p.m. He surprised us transforming into the characters while narrating us. Moreover, he played the background score in the backdrops to escalate the narrative approach. Although, we were confident on the script, there was a slight reluctance, whether audiences would embrace them. We at production house were so much happy that the entire team was so much vigorous and highly involved in the best output. Moreover, while producing Aruvi, we were so much concerned that nothing should fall short of places or else it would turn out to be a bad example refraining many to attempt with movies of such genre. Aruvi will speak about love and affection.”