Why shouldn’t film-industry celebrities take to politics, asks ‘Jayam’ Raja

Director ‘Jayam’ Raja, elder brother of actor ‘Jayam’ Raja and eldest son of editor Mohan, has wondered why film celebrities shouldn’t be in politics.

Raja was speaking during the audio launch of his upcoming directorial venture, his first in two years after the super-success of Thani Oruvan (2015), held in Chennai on Sunday (03rd November). All the songs in the film were released at the event which was attended by the film’s cast and crew.

“Those who express their concern for the society’s welfare have only two fields to indulge in: one is the film industry and the other is politics. Who can dare say film industry celebrities should not take to politics? Those saying so should better take a look at the State’s history of the past and present,” he said.

“Tamil film industry has given many leaders and a few chief-ministers to the State; this being the reality, I don’t understand why so much fuss is being made about film celebrities being in politics,” he concluded.