Always tense that I should get the right expression: Aishwarya Rajesh

Aishwarya Rajesh, one of the most naturally talented actresses around, takes pride of the fact that she is a ‘Tamil’ actress. She is also equally frank about her being ‘tense’ during the shoots of all her films as she always keeps thinking about the sequences to be shot and about ensuring that she gets the right expression at all times of the shoot.

The television anchor-turned-actress, who impressed with her neat portrayal as one of the heroines in last year’s Seenu Ramasamy-directed Dharma Durai opposite Vijay Sethupathi, has a huge fan-base who like her natural style of acting. Speaking to a leading English daily recently, Aishwarya has said that she doesn’t have any ‘dreal role’ as such which she wants to portray on-screen.

“All the characters offered to me and which I portray in films are my dream roles,” she says and adds that despite spending a few years in the film industry, she still feels like a newcomer whenever she reports for shoot of her films in the mornings. “In each film, I work with a different crew and I’m always apprehensive whether I’d get my expressions right suiting the portion of the script being shot,” she concedes.

“It is only after the commencement of a few days of shoot of a new film that I find myself at peace with the environment; till then, the apprehension is always there,” says Aishwarya adding that she is also to be associated with a Mani Ratnam film which is expected to go to floors from January onwards. On another note, she said she would be happy to work again in Kakka Muttai Manikandan’s direction.