Lekha Washington ‘solemnizes’ living-together mode with Bablo Chatterjee

Actress Lekha Washington, who turned 30 this year, has settled in a ‘living-together’ kind of relationship with Mumbai-based journalist Bablo Chatterjee.

The actress, who has starred in Tamil films such as Unnale Unnale, Jayamkondan, Kalyana Samaiyal Sadham and Arima Nambi, was an anchor with a leading English television channel and a popular model before taking to acting in films. She has also starred in other language films too. A competent singer, she has sung many music albums in the past.

The actress has informed on her Twitter account that she has decided to continue her life with Mumbai-based journalist Bablo Chatterjee, with whom she had been in love for many years and has been living together in Mumbai. While Lekha is a Christian by birth, Bablo is a Hindu but the couple married neither as per Christian rituals nor as per Hindu rituals but only said that they would get the marriage registered formally.

The ‘wedding’ (or event of union) took place at Alibag in Mumbai sans the customary events of exchanging rings or tying the nuptial knot. In her Twitter posting posted at 10:28 p.m. on Wednesday, Lekha has said “So, we did a thing: not a wedding, to be quite clear. It was a Do It Yourself partnership ceremony – marriage has its own baggage; I don’t want that!”