Thiruttu Payale 2 – Tamil Movie Review

Sequels are the recent trend in Kollywood and the latest to join the club is Thiruttu Payale 2, directed by Susi Ganeshan who helmed the first part as well.

Selvam (Bobby Simha), an honest (corrupt) police officer is given an important task to tap the phone calls of higher officials to bring their corruption to light. During the course, he encounters the lives of various people and their dark secrets. To his shock, he finds Agal (Amala Paul), his wife also having harbouring one such secret. What is she hiding and how it impacts the lives of the couple is what Thiruttu Payale 2 is all about.

First things first, the film doesn’t have any major connection with the first part, as it is a fresh script. Director Susi’s smart writing and character sketch of the actors is impressive. The title suits both the lead heroes as both have their own share of mischievous activities. However, Prasanna’s character will be seen exciting and would tell the side effects of having an unknown Facebook friend.

The first half of the film is very smooth and goes on in the right flow, which makes it interesting to watch. The second half slightly goes off the tangent. Few scenes like Amala’s brother portions in the second half could have been avoided or handled differently, as it doesn’t have a significant impact on the screenplay.

A few scenes are constructively written and executed, and is notable, like the scene where Bobby tries to hack information from Prasanna’s system, the climax twist, and more. There’s a backstory for important connecting scenes, and the detailing is done neatly. Not just the main core story, even Bobby’s side stories (his mission with the IG) are enjoyable.

Susi’s intention to make people aware of the cyber crimes is seen, and he uses dialogues as the primary element to convey his notion and idea. Few dialogues bring out the harsh truths that are hard to accept in reality.

On the downside, the ending given to Prasanna’s character is not up to the expectation, and the final drama goes down without much excitement. The songs also act as a speed breaker, as the film in its own narrative, flows in the right pattern. Though the scenes are smartly written, the presentation lacks the punch, and there’s no elevation, through music or other elements. There are two to three places, where a few section of the audiences would feel that the film is going to end, but it doesn’t. Due to this extension, it tests your patience, and the real ending falls flat when it comes.

Bobby has done justice to his role, as a police officer as well as a caring husband. It is an important outing for Amala Paul, who has a meaty role to perform. She has emoted well, as the woman who gets trapped in the gameplay of a playboy. Prasanna shines the best out of the three leads. He has performed with ease and fits the bill convincingly.Other characters do what is needed, with the limited screen time they have.

Chelladurai’s visuals are good, capturing the artists’ performance from the right angles and frames. Raja Mohammed’s edit suits the film and helps at the good pace. Though, it is good in overall, Vidyasagar’s background score is bit loud and out of place in a few scenes. The live sound recording is very impressive and sets a good standard for the film. Overall Thiruttu Payale 2 is a one-time watchable movie for the core subject that everyone can relate to.

Verdict: Thiruttu Payale 2, an important warning to all the Facebook addicts!