Poorna critical of financier Anbu Cheziyan; says she fears none

Actress Poorna has openly criticized financier Anbu Chezhiyan who is blamed by deceased producer Ashok Kumar, a close relative of actor-director Sasikumar, for having abetted his decision to end his life.

Ashok Kumar committed suicide a few days back, triggering a huge debate within and outside the entertainment industry about the role of financiers who fleece the loanees to no end to collect the monthly dues with interest. Kumar’s letter blaming Anby directly for abetting his decision to take his life has sent shock-waves in Kollywood.

Poorna, who plays an important role in Sasikumar’s upcoming film Kodiveeran which releases in theatres next Thursday (07th December), has taken Anbu to task on her Twitter account. When queried as to whether it was her official Twitter page, Poorna confirmed that it was and added that the comments recorded were purely hers.

“Ashok Kumar took good care of us during the shoot of Kdiveeran; I can’t digest his demise and cried a lot. I only poured out my disappointment on my Twitter account. Though I don’t know Anbu personally, I was very well aware of what kind of a person Ashok Kumar was. I don’t need to feel scared about anybody,” Poorla clearly stated.