Never thought my navel would become a topic of discussion: Amala Paul

Actress Amala Paul has confessed that she never thought that people would pay a huge attention to her (revealing) navel among all the issues before them to contend with.

Amala Paul, who divorced her director husband A.L. Vijay some time back and is concentrating whole-heartedly in reclaiming her pre-marriage status of one of the frontline heroines, is awaiting with bated breath the release of her upcoming film Thiruttu Payale 2 which hits the screens across Chennai and elsewhere in the State on Thursday (30th November).

Susi Ganesan has directed the film, a sequel to his own 2006 film Thiruttu Payale, and which stars Prasanna, Bobby Simha and Amala Paul in lead roles. The promotional posters of the film showed Amala revealing her navel which became a huge point of discussion. Speaking to a leading English daily recently, Amala said that actresses have to do wide-ranging characters to impress their fans and stay afloat in films.

“When I was offered the script of Thiruttu Payale 2, I sure liked it as it’s a very different role from the roles I have played on-screen so far. We are in 2017 in a modern world and I never thought that people would forget their day-to-day issues and concentrate on my navel as seen in the photograph. I have grown a lot as an actress and as an individual over the years; my character in the film is a direct reflection of this,” she says.