Julie 2 – Tamil Movie Review

What is it about?

Ever since the sequel to Julie was announced, the film garnered a lot of expectation among fans. Finally, when the makers decided to cast Raai Laxmi, the buzz only got bigger. Director Deepak Shivdasani seems to be very sure about the core plot of the film, which talks about an aspiring young actress who wants to make it big in Bollywood. Julie played by Raai Laxmi undergoes a lot of auditions and acting tests but fails to get a much-needed break. Most of the directors or producers whom she meets, lust after her and demand sexual favours in return. What happens next forms the plot of the film with some suspense element thrown in.


What makes up the film?

Julie who struggles to become an actress finally gets the much-needed break. Julie meets various co-stars, producers, businessmen, sports personalities, and politicians. She craves for true love and anticipates someone to shower as much as love on her, but all men in her life see her with lust. Julie finally gets trapped in a horrific incident while shooting for a biopic and then the movie heads towards a dramatic climax.


What doesn’t work?

Julie 2 lacks screen presence and a good screenplay. The film is filled with many characters but the director has given all importance to Raai Laxmi, leaving the supporting cast with a little scope. Another major drawback in the film is the unconvincing twists and turns, which does not satisfy the audience.


What worked?

Raai Laxmi’s glamorous role and bold attempt to feature in such a role has worked well. The cinematography of the film is handled by Sameer Reddy, who has done an exceptional work to add as much as lights in the frame and to show Raai Laxmi extremely sensuous.



Julie 2 promises glam with some unconvincing plot, and thus the film becomes strictly for glam lovers and Raai Laxmi’s fans.


Verdict: Julie 2 is hot, exposes casting couch, but let down by a lack of engaging screenplay