Guru Uchaththula Irukkaru – Tamil Movie Review

MOVIE REVIEW: A wastrel and his friends learn that a politician has stashed his ill-gotten wealth in a forest and go there. What they don’t realise is that the politician’s underlings and his rivals, too, are after the same…

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Reading the plot synopsis of Guru Uchchathula Irukkaru, you might think that this could be an entertaining film, but the sad truth is that this is as engaging as watching paint dry. The film revolves around Virat (Guru Jeeva) and his gang, who are content with whiling away their time, doing no work. Virat’s only work, actually, is to stalk Tamizhselvi (Aara), who, for some reason, reciprocates his love. But a tragedy makes her tell him firmly that she will accept him only if he starts earning.

Meanwhile, Uthamaputhiran (MS Bhaskar), a MP, finds himself in a soup because his driver has died without revealing where he has stashed the MP’s ill-gotten money, which they had hidden fearing an IT raid. And as fate would have it, Virat knows this location and he and his gang decide to go to the forest and take the money. However, the MP’s underlings and his rivals, are also after it.

Forget comedy of the black kind, which quite a few films have successfully managed to give us with a similar formula, here, there is hardly any comedy even of the low-brow kind. With a lead who cannot act, Dhandapani banks on a bunch of comedians (Pandiarajan, Imman Annachi and MS Bhaskar) to help him salvage the film, but with hardly any material, the comedians only come off as an irritating bunch.

And the film is shot like a short-on-budget comedy skit making it visually unappealing as well. The composer, Tajnoor, tries to make up for all these with a busy score and a couple of passable songs, but when everything from the writing to the cast to the packaging is so bad, this is hardly enough for a salvage operation.