Indrajith – Tamil Movie Review

INDRAJITH SYNOPSIS: An adventurous youngster sets out in search of a precious stone, somewhere in the forests of north east, accompanied by an archaeological survey team

INDRAJITH REVIEW: Fantasy films which deal with themes like treasure hunt, against the backdrop of captivating landscapes, are always a treat to watch. But what make such attempts work is the combination of engaging screenplay, intriguing characters, arresting visuals, racy narration and nail-biting action sequences. Indrajith belongs to the fantasy genre, but is devoid of the above mentioned elements, except for the fact that there are some shots which appear beautiful on screen.

Indrajith (Gautham), an adventure junkie, joins Mayil Vahanam (Sachin Khedekar), who is the former director of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The latter is in search of a precious stone which has unique medicinal benefits. One of his ancestors had idea about the route map which helps one to reach the dense forests in Arunachal Pradesh, where the stone is available. With the help of Mayil’s assistants, Indrajith manages to find the route map.

Meanwhile, Kapil Sharma (Sudanshu Pandey), the present director of ASI, who is not in good terms with Mayil, tries to acquire the map as he, too, is eager to grab the stone. Kapil attacks Mayil with his henchmen, but the latter escapes unhurt. Mayil, with his aides and Indrajith, set out to Arunachal, after which they face a slew of unexpected hurdles.

Can Indrajith help Mayil to get the stone which could change the fate of human beings? Kapil, who has hatched various plans to spoil Mayi’s attempt, is equipped with arms. Will the luck favour him?

The film has an ambitious plot, but is ruined with lackadaisical writing, poor CG and half-baked characters. The heroines in the film, Sonarika and Ashrita, have almost nothing to do, while Sachin and Sudanshu did justice to their roles in the best way they could do. Gautham, as the super-energetic guy, was apt for the character.

MS Bhaskar, in a short role, could evoke laughter in a few scenes. Rasamathi’s cinematography is the saving grace of the film. The stunt choreography by Fefsi Vijayan and Stun Siva could have been a lot better considering the genre of the film.