Vijay Antony against depicting Anbu Chezhiyan as a ‘villain’

Music director-turned-actor Vijay Anthony has come out in support of beleaguered financier Anbu Chezhiyan, who is widely blamed for the suicide of actor-producer-director M. Sasikumar’s close relative Ashok Kumar a few days back.

In his suicide note, Ashok Kumar had squarely blamed Chezhiyan as the one who forced him to take the extreme step of taking his own life. In the meantime, Vijay Anthony has issued a statement stating that he had known Chezhiyan for a few years and found nothing wrong with the style of functioning of the latter.

“I deeply mourn the suicide of Ashok Kumar, a close relative of my good friend and actor-filmmaker Sasikumar. I strongly feel that Ashok Kumar shouldn’t have taken the decision to end his life as he has now abandoned his wife, parents and children. I had known producer-distributor-financier Chezhiyan for the past six years and have been taking regular loans from him in making my recent films.

“I have been paying up my dues regularly and I found him to be a well-behaved person. I also feel criticism against him for Kumar’s suicide is getting overboard a bit. All of us have been taking loans in making films. I feel Kumar’s end should be the last such demise in the film industry. I’m totally against the intention of suicide. I had experienced its ills after my father committed suicide leaving my mother and the family in the lurch,” Anthony’s statement said.