Lakshmy likes Nayantara’s Aramm but finds two things ‘disturbing’

Actress-director Lakshmy Ramakrishnan has said that she liked actress Nayantara’s latest film Aramm a lot but found two things (in the script) very disturbing indeed.

The actress, who has also been holding a family issues-based reality show on television for a long time now, is the latest celebrity to openly appreciated debutant director Gopi Nainar’s Aramm. It has been lauded by critics, admired by Nayantara’s fans and patronized by movie-goers as it has collected more than Rs.8 crores so far.

Tweeting on her Twitter account, Lakshmy said “I watched Aramm and found Nayantara’s portrayal of her character, cinematography, music, etc. very good. Nayantara looked very lovely in saree; however, as a viewer, I didn’t like two things (in the film’s script).

“The brother of the girl who falls in pit is actually the ‘hero’ of the story who is neither lauded nor celebrated in the end. Secondly, the girl is shown to be falling at Nayan’s feet soon after she was rescued; why this?” Lakshmy asked.

She also had a request to her friends in the print and television media not to burden Nayantara with the tag of ‘Lady Superstar’ as doing so would only deprive us (film-makers) of exploiting her amazing talents as an actress. “Titling her might force her to pick only those roles which would be befitting the title,” Lakshmy said.