Men Too Face Sexual Harassment From Women, Asserts Raai Laxmi

Lanky Raai Laxmi is excited as it is just less than 24 hours for her first-ever Hindi film (as heroine) Julie 2 to hit the screens country-wide. She exuded confidence on the eve of the release of her much-awaited film, whose promotional still photographs have upped the mercury levels in Northern India, which is starting to reel under cold wave.

The 28-year old actress, who debuted in Tamil films as a rooky teenager opposite Vikranth in Karka Kasadara more than 12 years back, has played the lead role in Julie 2, sequel to the 2004 hit film Julie which had the then (and still!) sizzling Neha Dhupia in the lead.

Addressing newsmen in Chennai, Raai spoke on many topics, admitted to have fallen in love not once or twice but five times. “Each time I faced love failure, I’d lock up myself in a room and would cry for hours,” she said laughingly. “I can’t name as to whom I feel in love with,” she added.

She conceded that it was not only women who faced sexual harassment from men but men too faced similar issues from a few women. “There are many good men and a few bad men I have seen in my life,” she said. Replying to a specific query on actor Arya, she said that he was one of her close friends in the industry and said that they had nothing except close bonding as friends between them.

“I don’t know the ABCD of politics and would never dabble in it,” she announced. On another note, she regretted the opposition to Deepika Padukone’s Padmavati. “We artistes can perform freely and create good films only if we are allowed to work in a tense-free atmosphere,” she remarked.