Meyadhaa Maan Actress Lashed Out at Media !

Indhuja, the actress who grabbed the attention of the audience with her acting skills is pissed off by a video which says that the actress ‘adjusted’ to get acting chance in the film industry. Following is the official Facebook post of Induja….

“My first ever controversy !!! Funny isin’t… Ppl!! Whoever behind dis video !!! For ur kind kindest information, MEYADHA MAAN & MERCURY is my 1st & 2nd movies respectively… Mercury is my first film as heroine !!! This Billa Pandi is my 3rd !! Some ppl thinks controversy makes them reach big (ex: billa Pandi)And again audience have better understood how cinema works now a days !!! Come on plz grow !!! This period of cinema has more talents with hardwork and much passion for cinema !!! If u dare, go ask any of the producers,directors or their team whether u want girl with compromise so & so – no matter what,u ll be slapped by shi**!!!

Cinema is not the way u see my beloved fellow !!! If i have to do dat n come I Wudn’t have struggled for four years and got Meyadha Maan & Mercury who respected only my talent from their soul out !!! Their still exist some( or )very very few cheap ppl who were ready to do tell or do anything for publicity!!! Mister if u want publicity ,work on ur professional talents rather than dis cheap talents !!!#FUC*ERS #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #workisGOD#loveforcinema #respectWoMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys plz don’t bother about the post !!! It’s for the ppl who made dis wrong video…. if I don’t reply to this video now they will keep doing this to the other upcoming actresses who have really worked hard and struggled to be a small part of this cinema industry !!!!”