Amala Paul Loves Traveling These Says

Actress Amala Paul loves traveling these days. Though she is busy with her acting commitments, Amala ensures to go trekking and traveling with like minded people.

Talking about her new found love, Amala said “You travel to new places and you see new colours of the sun, to nourish ourselves with good people, surroundings, scenery, love, magic and beauty until you experience your life through other people and realise how we are all the same.

Then we radiate this light in to our vision, perception and clarity and in turn into the world. My want never stops in desiring, doing, breathing all the sweet things! Meet and greet fellow travelers and experience your life through them. Spread this in to other beings which spreads to even more”, said Amala.

Amala Paul’s Thiruttu Payale 2 to release on November 30.