Academy Award Winning Resul Pookutty: I’m Not Playing a Typical Hero in Oru Kadhai Sollatuma

Academy award winning sound designer Resul Pokkutty said in Oru Kadhai Sollatuma, he is not playing a regular hero. The film is being directed by Prasad Prabhakar and Rajeev Panakal’s Palmstone Multimedia is producing the film.

“I’m not playing a typical hero in this film. My real life dream , for a long time, was to record the sounds of Pooram festival live. This story is about a sound designer who intends to do that and I play that central character. The magnitude and magic of Pooram is very difficult to explain in words and more than 300 musicians play in the festival.

It was such a challenge but a dream come true to record all the sounds live. These sounds which I recorded are going to be a part of my library. This movie is designed in a way that even a visually challenged person can totally understand and enjoy it. I am proud to have done this film and I am sure the audience will appreciate our monstrous efforts and are in a for a new experience in ‘Oru Kadhai Sollatuma’”, said Resul Pookutty.