Suriya’s Producer Blames Trisha, Str and Vadivelu for the Losses!

Suriya’s lucky producer KE Gnanavel Raja has indirectly hinted that actress Trisha, actors STR and Vadivelu have caused losses worth more than 30crs to Tamil film industry. “An actor had only attended 29 days shoot, he promised to make a film as two parts but because of his unprofessional attitude, the first part caused 18cr loss to the producer”.

“Another people’s favorite comedian is causing needless trouble to producers, he is not attending the shoot”, Gnanavel Raja added, he also subtly pointed out how Trisha’s exit in Saamy Square causing 30% to the film’s producer Shibu.

Gnanvel Raja, the General Secretary of Tamil Film Producers Council is planning to come out with a surprise action against these three actors.