Talented Young Filmmaker: We Need More Actors Like Nayanthara Who Leaves Stardom Back in the Vanity Van

Ashwin Saravanan, the talented director who gave the first heroine-centric hit for Nayanthara with Maya loved the actress’ recent release ‘Aramm’.

“Aramm is one of the most rewarding film-going experiences in recent times. It doesn’t let you play the passive spectator for its entire run-time and that’s where it succeeds the most. The emotional investment and the catharsis that follows is why we pay to go to films.

It is not at all surprising to wonder why films like #Aramm don’t get made often. We need more actors like #Nayanthara who leaves stardom back in the vanity van and works to serve the story, not the way around”, tweeted Ashwin.

Aramm has grossed more than 1cr in Chennai box office for the opening weekend.