Right From the Word Go, Nayan Was Confident of Aramm Succeeding in Theatres!

Now that actress Nayantara’s latest film Arram has released in theatres on Thursday and has been receiving rave reviews from the print and television media, one can now reveal that Nayantara had actually predicted the film’s success right at the time of signing along the dotted lines to take up the offer to star in the film.

Director Gopi Nayinar, who has been lauded by critics and movie-goers for making an ‘amazing’ film in a backdrop never treaded by any Kollywood film-maker so far, was speaking to newsmen a day before the film’s release in theatres during a meet-the-press event which was skipped by Nayantara, the ‘hero-and-heroine’ of Aramm.

Gopi thanked mediamen for their support during his troubles in the past. “It was director Sarkunam who introduced me to producer Rajesh. I later narrated the script to Nayantara who immediately agreed to star in the film besides assuring me that the film would become a huge success. Despite many hurdles, I managed to release the film,” Gopi said.

He also added that Nayan cooperated immensely in completing the film’s shoot. “A couple of days back, I spoke to Nayantara who assured me again of the film’s super-success and added that the film would take me to the next level in Kollywood,” said Gopi.

We can only laud Nayantara for being so confident and guessing correctly!