Ippadai Vellum – Tamil Movie Review

Produced by: A. Subaskaran
Banner: Lyca Productions Company
Written and directed by: Gourav Narayanan
Cast: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Manjima Mohan, Danial Balaji, Soori, R.K. Suresh, Radhika
Music: D. Imman
Cinematography: Richard M. Nathan
Editing: Praveen KL


You can win your enemy who is mightier than you using your brain is the basic theme of Ippdai Velllum.

It’s all about an innocent man hunted by police as a terrorist proving his innocence using his brain rather than physical strength.

There are three main characters in the film: Chotta (Danial Balaji), who wants to execute a bomb blast in Chennai, Madhusudhanan (Udhayanidhi Stalin), who is gearing up to marry his sweet heart (Manjima Mohan) and Kuzhanthaivelu (Soori), who is travelling to meet his pregnant wife.

These three has no connection at all. Chotta has escaped from the prison in Uttar Pradesh while Madhusudhanan and Kuzhanthaivelu have nothing to do with terrorism. Yet an unexpected incident puts them together and creates some unexpected things in their lives.

Madhusudhanan and Kuzhanthaivelu accidentally meet Chotta. The police which is hunting for Chotta, arrests Madhusudhanan and Kuzhanthaivelu assuming that they are part of Chootta’s terror network. The script has it that Bhargavi’s brother Dheena (R.K. Suresh), who is in police force, tries to shoot Madhusudhanan.

How Madhusudhanan and Kuzhanthaivelu prove their innocence? What happened to the dangerous plans of Chotta?
See the movie to know the answers.

Script review:

Director Gourav Narayanan has smartly presented the crisis of the movie with some interesting scenes. He has convincingly established the way the protagonist gets into trouble. The scenes that precede the crisis point have been well conceived and executed. The director has somehow lost his grip over the flow of the script in the later part where the movie gets slower.

Kudos to the director for choosing a serious theme to present an entertainer with some thrilling moments. He could have given far better experience had he concentrated more in the second half.
Justifying fake encounters by police and linking religious identities with terrorism could have been avoided.


Udhayanidhi Stalin has chosen a serious character. He handles it convincingly. He has gone one step forward in emotional acting and dancing. He has also fared better in action sequences.
Manjima Mohan has got a sumptuous role and justifies it with grace. However, he has to work on her physical fitness.

Soori has some scope to go beyond his usual comical role. While he has handled his role well, his comical efforts have failed to make any impact.

Denial Balaji is quite impactful in the role of a silent villain. R.K. Suresh fits the bill perfectly. Radhika as a bus driver is a delight to watch.

Richard M. Nathan’s cinematography is excellent. He has captured the Thiruvannaamalai temple amazingly well. He has definitely added value to the movie with his marvelous work.
D. Imman has made a couple of songs (including the theme song) enjoyable. He could have given more attention to the background score.

Praveen KL’s editing could have been crispier.

Positive points:

Theme and execution
Thrilling elements

Negative points:

Lack of pace in the second half
Background score
The way terrorism is handled


Gourav Narayanan has commendably made the film giving more importance to brain than muscle power. More dynamism in the script and balance in the approach towards terrorism could have made the movie more impactful.

Ippadai Vellum: Entertainer with a different treatment.