Aramm was not written for Nayanthara

Sources say that Aramm was not written for Nayanthara. Director Gopi Nainar wrote the lead role in the script as a gender neutral one. He did not tailor the role to suit a hero or a heroine. “When you watch the film, you will know that the role is what it is. Regardless of a hero or heroine playing it, you just watch a Collector fighting for her people on screen”, said a source close to the team.

The source also added that Aramm was shot in 34 days. Its very difficult to shoot a film as big as Aramm, starring an actor as big as Nayanthara in such a low number of days.

As soon as Nayan listened to the script, she wanted to make the film. She did not think twice. She did not want to consult with others. She firmly believed that such issues need to be portrayed through mass media like cinema.

The film is slated to release on November 10.