Kalathur Gramam -Tamil Movie Review

SYNOPSIS: A devastated youngster awaits a chance to take revenge on his father’s murderer, who is seen as a leader in a village.

REVIEW: The promotions of Kalathur Gramam gave an impression that the film is a period flick, set against a village backdrop. It begins with a scene in a barren land, where a ruthless cop is shown shooting down a few culprits in an encounter.

As this leads to an uproar among the villagers, a special commission is set up to conduct an enquiry into the gruesome behaviour of the police officer. The person in-charge of the case (Ajay Rathnam) tries to trace the notorious history of the village, which has naive inhabitants, who live by their own rules.

They have a leader (Kishore), who is their go-to guy for almost everything — from seeking justice for the deprived to saving their lives from ruthless cops, and so on. Kishore, who goes on to become the most wanted man by the police, thanks to his services to the common man, decides to give life to a girl (Yagna Shetty) whom he rescues.

They get married in the presence of a temple priest, after which he surrenders to cops. On his return from jail, he gets the shock of his life when someone (Tarun Shatriya) whom he trusted claims that the girl is actually his wife. A war of words turns serious and takes the life of Tarun.

Years later, his son, who grows up with the dead man’s parents, hatches a plan to finish off Kishore. Will he be able to pull it off when almost the entire village sees him as their saviour?

Ilaiyaraaja’s music works in parts, and help the viewers relate to Kalathur Gramam and its people. Though the cinematography stands out in some scenes, with beautiful landscapes of the village portrayed, the overall colour tone doesn’t appeal much. The characters, enacted by Kishore and Yagna, deserve praise, while others are OK.

With a better plot and engaging sequences, the film would have worked well, considering that the director had set up an intriguing backdrop and an interesting set of characters.