Padmapriya urges actresses to be frank about tales of sexual harassment

Actress Padmapriya has urged her contemporaries to come out in the open with tales of sexual harassment/assault faced by them in the past so that the menace of sexual abuse of actresses is put to an end.

The Pattiyal, Mirugam, Pokkisham and Satham Podathay actress, who is now attempting a ‘second innings’ after her marriage which took place a few years back, owed her rise in the industry as an actress of substance to her fans, media and those within and outside the entertainment industry.

“I still get many offers which is a reflection of the faith film-makers have in me. I feel that my hard-work, sincerity and commitment have taken me to this level. I have myself faced sexual harassment in the industry about which I spoke up some time back. We actresses should come out in the open whenever sexual harassment or abuse is attempted or made.

“We are here to work in films and not to ‘adjust’ lustful producers and film-makers. I personally feel that actresses should come out in the open about such cases so that such incidents may not be repeated in future,” Padmapriya concluded.