Sunny Leone Keeps Knife on Hand to Ward-off Assault From Miscreants

Sizzling Sunny Leone, the adult-star turned Bollywood actress who occupies the dreams of millions of Indians (cutting across the age barrier, of course!), has revealed that she carried a knife at home when his husband was away to ward-of attack by miscreants who have taken to social networking sites in huge numbers recently.

The actress, spotted in the Tamil film Vadacurry in an ‘item number’ a few years back, continues to hog the limelight in Hindi films despite her 36 years of age. The former adult-star-turned-adult-film producer-turned Bollywood actress was speaking recently to a leading English national daily when she spoke about the threats she faced.

“One guy issued a threat via social networking sites stating that he would come to my home and injure me. At that time, Daniel (her husband) was out of the country and I felt apprehensive that this guy might come to attack me. I had a knife on hand as a safety measure to protect me; whenever the door was knocked, I opened it only by holding knife in one hand.

“Another guy knocked hard on my doors and disappeared before I could open the door; many guys who follow this person on Twitter issued threats to me. I had a CCTV fixed outside the entrance to my residence to avoid these guys. Young girls face trouble from such persons and go into bouts of depression; some even commit suicide. They should be helped and we should reach out to them,” Sunny concluded.