“Groped while I was sleeping at age 8,” says Chinmayi

Singer Chinmayi who participated in the MeToo campaign on Twitter talked in detail about molestation, being sexually assaulted and violated.

“The #MeToo hashtag is heartbreaking. And as real as it gets. I dont know one woman who,hasnt been groped / leched at / sexual assaulted in some way. I also have friends, grown men now, who have been raped by older men,” she wrote.

“If it is difficult for a woman to express she has been sexually violated in some way, it is tougher for the men. People dont take as much care to educate young boys who are at as much risk as girls. They grow up with scars that never heal. #MeToo.

To being groped while I was sleeping at age 8 by ‘a man of God’, to tweets, messages and phone calls that describe graphic rape to someone who ‘got even’ just because I was good at my job by slut shaming me. Speak up women. And I wish there is support for men that undergo sexual assault as well. There is a crying need. Teach your girls. And please teach your boys as well,” she added.

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