Neruppuda – Tamil Movie Review

Vikram Prabhu has ventured into production through Neruppuda, and their promotions promised to talk about the hardships and lifestyle of the firemen. The film’s title created curiosity among the people, for the fact that, Neruppuda is the chartbuster theme song from Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kabali.

Guru (Vikram Prabhu), and his four friends, who, at any cost wouldn’t separate from each other, aspire to become firefighters, and they work towards that goal. On the eve of their fire service entrance examination, the five friends face an unexpected hurdle, which leads them to various dangerous routes. As a result, they don’t write the exam and miss the opportunity to become firefighters that year. What problem do they encounter and how do they come out of it? And, do they become firefighters finally?

Vikram Prabhu has delivered a convincing performance for the fireman character. Nikki Galrani’s introduction scene gives you a belief that she might have a meaty role, but at the end, it is not. Our filmmakers are trying to execute humour through Motta Rajendran’s body language and dialogue delivery, but unfortunately, it looks force-fitted and unwanted.

Also, his characterisation isn’t clear by any means. Is he funny, or helpful, or crazy, or genuinely good-hearted?. You are puzzled. Ponvannan, as a caring father, has done his part well. Sangeetha has taken up a very bold role in this film, but it didn’t create an impact, and rather it was a letdown.

Though all the five friends travel together all through the film, the friendship lacks life and the real human emotions. The basic premise of Neruppuda is interesting, but during the course of the film, it takes the usual commercial formula route. In the end, when you look back through the film, you will find that this film is also a regular mainstream film dealing with a vengeance.

Had the execution been better, at least, that revenge fight between the protagonist and antagonist would’ve satisfied the audience. There is this problem with Neruppuda, where, everyone except the hero is weak. It is always a one-sided game, and we don’t get to see any exciting, nail-biting action blocks.

The opening firefighting sequence and the pre-interval scene (untying the villain’s knot) are a few highlights in the film. One might feel, there could have been more firefighting scenes in the film. The first half of the film was decent, but the issue pops up only during the second half, and especially the last twenty minutes. The last twenty minutes is no way connected to the film’s core plot, and it looks as if the portion was kept just to earn some empathy for that character. It was too loud.

R.D.Rajasekar’s visuals are neat and composed, and probably, one of the saviours of the film is the visuals. Aalangiliye song is hummable and pleasant, but Sean Roldan’s background score isn’t powerful and intensifying. Had Ashok Kumar decided to travel through the life of a fireman and showcasing about his day-to-day experiences, induced with commercial elements, we would have got an entertaining action thriller.

Verdict: Neruppuda lacks the much needed fire and power!

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