Vivegam – Tamil Movie Review

Ajith fans must be mighty excited to see their favourite star on screen after 20 months. Yes, he is finally back, and it is not with one of those typical commercial films that Ajith acts time and again; Vivegam is promoted as an international spy thriller, something that is new to Tamil cinema. So it is a costly experiment shouldering on the mass image of Thala Ajith. So how is the outcome? Will it satisfy all center audiences or just Ajith fans?

A spy agent who goes by the name, AK (Ajith Kumar) someone who is highly respected by all, including his boss. Out of the blue, how a criminal plot flips his career upside down. One side AK is concerned about the safety of his wife, who he cannot contact at one stage and on the other hand, the whole government is against him. How he fights against all the odds and thwart the mastermind from doing further damage is what Vivegam is all about.

The plot looks quite compelling, although the storyline makes you think that it is inspired from spy thrillers like Salt, one has to accept the fact, it perfectly suits Ajith’s image. Probably it’s been a while since Ajith has got an intense character that keeps pushing, pushing, pushing him to greater feats every minute. Vivegam has shown him in an entirely different dimension. Having said that, the whole execution part looked weak and diluted. That is where you tend to question the intention of the director. He has concentrated more on showcasing Ajith’s mass rather than the core story which is a worrying part.

This film is mainly to celebrate Ajith. The man has given it all; with numerous complications in his body and to have gone the extra mile is highly commendable and it is something that his admirers would cherish for a very long time. Not just the highlight six pack scene, there are plenty of moments that show his hard-work and determination. But one wonders, the makers might have worked more to portray his mass in the right frame rather than just glorifying his character through over dramatic dialogues.

Vivegam keeps you in a state of nervous excitation from the start of the second half till the pre-climax but the first half is not very effective and has lots of pace and logical issue. The logic part is a concern in both the halves. Vivegam is a conventional spy thriller with routine escapes and clashes and hide-and-seek gambits, yet the way the film has been made, nothing that happens seems inevitable which makes the whole movie less natural and could connect with a section of the audience.

For action junkies and Ajith fans, Vivegam will be like a hit of pure meth. Pretty much all spy films are about the action, special effects, and car chase sequences. Vivegam does contain those things, but they are in a forced and less effective manner.

It is one of the few films so visually absorbing and felicitous shot after shot. Only if it had been made with substance, Vivegam would have been a pleasing watch. The true skill of a director comes out when he makes a complex film simple, but here a simple story is made in a complicated fashion that some might find it hard to absorb.

Anirudh music is a major plus and we could add Vetri’s apt visuals to the list of positives. Kajal Aggarwal gets a meaty role and she does a good job so does Vivek Oberoi but his friendship portion with Ajith lacked depth after a time. Akshara Haasan has a short role to play and she does it neatly. Karunakaran’s role seemed to be ended abruptly. Over hero glorifying, dialogues and unnatural Tamil dialogues in Europe sounded artificial.

Siva packs enough firepower into Vivegam to please the core Ajith fans but it looks it might please only them. Arbitrary twists and excessive action distractions could have been avoided.

Verdict: High on production value and action. Heavily dependent on Ajith’s persona, engagement factor takes a beating.

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