“So many of us are bigoted to that last atom in our bodies” says Chinmayi

Singer Chinmayi took to her Facebook page to pen a lengthy but pertinent note on the mass walkout of Hindi speaking Indians from the recent London concert of AR Rahman. The fans walked out citing most of the songs were in Tamil. But, only 12 songs were performed in Tamil out of the total 28 songs.

“Echoos me peoples who couldn’t take an Indian language performed by an Indian composer/musician/singer/MOZART – you guys won the bigoted people of the year award. Shameful that Indians would walk out of a concert because the ENTIRE Concert didnt have Hindi. The setlist had more Hindi than Tamil songs,” she wrote.

“And all us – who cheer and love the man and his music even if the set list had a lot of Hindi songs in Chennai, Telugus and Malayalis and Kannadigas who listen to his music no matter which language he sings or performs in – let us remember once again that music needs no language. I find this ‘WHY YOU NO SING MY LANGUAGE’ in several concerts abroad. Guess the identity of language (also caste / community) doesnt leave the average Indian while he chases the American / European/ British dream,” she said.

“I thought social media and technology would bring us closer and erase all these fault lines. 2017 people. But so many of us are bigoted to that last atom in our bodies. Shame. Absolute shame. Oh BTW so many of you cant take a song in a language you dont understand but an entire state and its people have to adopt a language we dont speak / dont need in our state because you say so. Petty much?” she added.

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