Don’t trust social media, Chinmayi’s take on Bigg Boss

Singer Chinmayi has said that people should not believe social media, which spread rumors that the famous Jalikkatu girl was murdered.

“So the Jallikattu protest girl has a name – Juliana.The rumour that went about that she was murdered by the ruling party was something everyone believed in. Everyone happily shared the rumour as well. She is happy, alive kicking, and now she is a Big Boss contestant.

As much as people say don’t trust the Media, one must also not trust Social media. Ultimately the common man is the greatest politician”, said Chinmayi.

On the Bigg Boss show, Chinmayi said: “By the way, the original Big Boss didn’t have celebrities as such if I understand right. It had normal people from everyday life. I guess people have celebs in India otherwise no one would watch.To be honest, being in a closed space like this with strangers you don’t know with no communication with the outside world is going to be a social and a psychological experiment. God be with them”

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