Baahubali 2 VFX supervisor: Please give the respect we deserve

Baahubali 2’s VFX Supervisor RC Kamala Kannan has posted a detailed post on the difficulty of CG works and asked everyone to give the respect they Vfx specialists deserve. Following is his sensible Facebook post…

My dear fellow Film technicians. The following 3 are basic CGI / VFX work in (Indian) feature films, which you can try to do yourselves.

Wire_removal :
Use thin wires. Keep Stunt-Vests tucked in. See to it wires doesn’t come on Faces, from camera angle. In-case inevitable, take Skin Texture references, in same light condition, to paint-out. Use multi color adhesive tapes, to wind on the wires, at specific areas, to help paint-out. Take BG clean plate.

Replacing images on monitor/TV/mobile :
Rig “Erasable” lights for the Monitor/TV glow (Best, run the TV static), place 4 corner Trackable markers, couple of inches inside the outer shell, on the screen. For mobile phone, simply display one “Trackable” image.

Dual_action, 2 layers ( not head, face replace ) :
Only for Mid-shot & close-up shots. Don’t commit feet-on-floor. Keep Height and Look reference, with Tracker markers. 2nd-layer, take shot against chroma screen, same lighting, but camera steady. Keep stop-watch/Nagra countdown, for precise timing.

For any other Visual Effects work, employ an on-set VFX Supervisor. More intense level VFX, consult a VFX Supervisor, before shoot. Yes, VFX has more references / tutorials / making reels on-line than your areas. Maybe our craft is not one the “24 crafts”, But, we know the best and producers willing to pay, to avoid potential issues in VFX Post Production.

Please give the respect we deserve.

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