Movie-goers wary about the length of Baahubali 2

Movie-goers and audiences never fail to patronize good films irrespective of the budget with which they are made. They are, however, wary of a(ny) film’s length.

However interesting or gripping a film might be, audiences seem to prefer 150 minutes (two-and-a-half hours) as the ideal running time of a(ny) movie. In fact, if it’s a film of a thriller genre, they obviously expect the movie to be of 135 minutes or even 120 minutes.

Nobody within or outside the entertainment industry wants to speculate how audiences would be reacting to S.S. Raamouli’s Baahubali 2, sequel to his 2015 super-duper hit film Baahubali, which releases in theatres worldwide on 28th April with a running time of 178 minutes (2 hours and 58 minutes), which is just a couple of minutes less than three hours (sans the break for intermission).

The prequel wasn’t so long and was just appropriate with a running time of 158 minutes. However, the concluding part is just 20 minutes longer than the prequel. One only hopes that Baahubali 2, made grander than the prequel, is patronized liberally by movie-goers.

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