Sweated out a lot for Baahubali and waiting for results: Anushka

Anushka Shetty a.k.a. Anushka has said that she has ‘sweated’ out a lot for both the Baahubali prequel and the sequel and that she was waiting for the results as the sequel Baahubali 2 is all set to release worldwide in theatres on 28th April.

Speaking at a meet-the-press event held in Chennai on the eve of the film’s release, Anushka said “The sequel has gained more prominence than the prequel as it is ‘under pressure’ to match up to the success of the prequel and even go beyond it.

In the prequel, Tamannaah had more sequences and I had less scenes; the sequel has more sequences for me and equally important sequences for Tamannaah too.

“All artistes and technicians sweated it out non-stop for the past five years for both the prequel and sequel. I have even featured in some daredevil stunt sequences in the sequel for which I underwent rigorous training for many months in martial arts, sword fight, etc. and worked out a lot to shed my weight to suit my character in the film. It’s indeed a huge challenge to have taken up the role in the film and do full justice to it.

“I didn’t have any issue sin starring alongside Tamannaah in the film and in fact, we had a wonderful time on the sets during the shoot. I’m often asked why I take up multi-heroine projects without hesitation.

I go only by the script and not by the cast,” said Anushka. When asked about her marriage, she denied that the making of Baahubali didn’t delay her marriage and said it would take place at the ‘right moment’.

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