Expecting sexual favorus for films is still vogue, Kasturi asserts

Actress Kasthuri has asserted that expecting sexual favours from heroines in return of casting them in new films is a practice which is very much in vogue in films till now.

43-year old Kasthuri, who was quite popular during the nineties, starred in many films including Kamal Haasan’s Indian and Prabhu’s Chinnavar before marrying an U.S.-based doctor and settling down in America. The former ‘Miss Chennai’ how has a son and a daughter.

In Chennai to get her daughter trained in Bharatnatyam and also to star in a Tamil and Telugu film, Kasthuri spilled the beans while talking to a popular English daily. “At times, actresses take hasty decisions and repent them later. I was sacked from a couple of films due to a particular’s hero’s advice. That hero is now in politics. He is an egotist; I respect(ed) him, I didn’t respond to his sexual advances/overtures.

“As a result, he ensured my exit from a couple of promising projects. I was well aware of it and knew the reason as well but didn’t respond,” says Kasthuri who asserts that the custom of seeking sexual favours from heroines by producers/directors/heroes in return of new film offers is very much in vogue till now!


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