Lawrence apologizes to Rajini’s fans for ‘superstar’ title fiasco

Realizing that superstar Rajinikanth’s millions of fans would never forgive him, actor-producer-director Raghava Lawrence has issued a denial saying that the title of ‘Makkal Superstar’ prefixing his name was added in the title cards of his latest film Motta Siva Ketta Siva without his konwledge.

“I feel happy to be prefixing my name with my mother’s name ‘Kanmani’ and I don’t actually need any other titles as prefixes,” Lawrence said. The ‘Makkal Superstar’ title angered and agitated Rajini’s millions of fans the world over as they felt betrayed by Lawrence, who had time and again said that he considered superstar Rajinikanth as his role model after the latter made him convert to Hinduism many years back.

Rajini’s fans have started ‘war’ against Lawrence on social networking sites. In an apparent attempt to douse the fire, Lawrence has said that he was unaware that the film’s title cards had his name prefixed with the title of ‘Makkal Superstar’. “I have always considered my mother’s name Kanmani as the biggest prefix that could happen to me. Motta Siva Ketta Siva is running successfully but has created a controversy.

“Sairamani, the film’s director, had been saying for the past few months that he had a ‘pleasant surprise’ in store for me. Only now I realize that he wanted to surprise me by giving me the title of ‘Makkal Superstar’ which has prefixed my name in the film’s title cards. Though I thank him for the same, I want to say that there can only be one superstar in the whole world and this is my Thalaivar Rajinikanth alone!

“It was Rajini Sir who inspired me to come to films; he is my Guru, mentor and philosopher. He is everything for me. I didn’t make any conscious attempt to ‘usurp’ Rajini Sir’s superstar title knowing very well that nobody deserved the title more than him,” Lawrence said in a statement released yesterday intended to assuage feelings of Rajini’s fans.

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