Suspense thriller 01:00 A.M. has college students in the lead

Rahul, who directed Jithan 2 recently, is making 01:00 A.M. as his second directorial venture. The film reportedly has an entire newcomer cast and that too of college students who are either in their final year or have just passed out of college.

“Suspense thrillers are always a hit with the masses. My next film 01:00 A.M. has an interesting script wherein the hero sets out on a mission to take revenge against a few individuals who had destroyed the fabric of his family’ happy life. Somehow, he gets mentally disturbed en route in his mission.

“He comes across the heroine, who is in the form of a spirit in a deserted bungalow. The rest of the film is about what follows later and whether he gets help from the spirit in his revenge mission,” Rahul concludes. The film has been awarded a ‘U’ certificate by the Censors, which is a rarity. “A horror film getting a ‘U’ certificate sounds great, isn’t it?” asks Rahul.

Karthik is the music director and Arun is the cinematographer of the film which has an entire newcomer crew of 15 college students. We shot the entire film in just a fortnight’s time and are planning to release the film towards the end of this month,” says Rahul.

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