Baasha – Tamil Movie Review

Without an iota of doubt, Baasha will be a classic any day. Even after 20 years, this film gets prime weekend slots when aired in Television which implies that it still garners some good TRP ratings. Now we have a digitally re-mastered version of the film with fresh background score and enhanced visuals.

If you have not watched this cult flick in the recent past, you need not be skeptical of watching it once again on the giant screen. You might even end up blushing right through on seeing this most cherished and talked about Superstar movie. Baasha is a trendsetter packed with too many goosebumps filled moments.

You might have watched all these over and over again. Most or in fact all the scenes from it have been reused in one or other Tamil films over the past 22 years but it is surprising to see how Baasha still engages you even if you have watched it a zillion times before.

No movie is perfect and even Baasha has its own share of negatives. But Rajinikanth’s screen presence and style make you forget all the flaws attached. It must be remembered that this gangster movie was made 22 years back to suit the audience of 90’s, but it still excites you as any top commercial today. Not a single scene has been trimmed or cut, and the makers have gone with the full 147 minutes runtime. Why would someone trim a perfectly sculptured statue?

How different is this re-mastered version compared to the original? It sure is more contemporary with enriched visuals. And the best part is the Deva’s music. He has re-orchestrated the whole film with modern instruments which gives a fresh makeover to the film.

Baasha is like an one-time wonder. No one can even think of remaking it. Even Rajinikanth could possibly not re-create the magic once again. So it’s better this way to re-release it.

Verdict: With enhanced visuals and modernized BGM, Baasha excites us even after 22 years!

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