Lightman actor’s sensible take on various audience questions on piracy

Lightman actor Karthik Nagarajan rued last week that popular piracy wesbite Tamilrockers uploaded a crystal clear copy of their film even before it saw the light of day in theaters. Now, he has taken on a barrage of questions from audiences regarding piracy and delivered sensible answers.

“After receiving good support for our film #Lightman, I feel responsible to answer a few questions that were posted on different discussion threads. As an actor and a filmmaker, I have explained my view on piracy and ticket rates. I hope this gives you some clarity and perspective on the topic. I once again thank everyone of you who supported our team through such a difficult phase.

If the movie is available on an online paid streaming site, it doesn’t mean that you can download the movie and upload the pirated version. It is available on a pay/view basis and on demand in select few countries where the movie doesn’t release in theatres. That’s how the business works.

The cost per view is not unreasonable. It starts from INR 25. When you download a 2GB file from a pirated site, you are actually spending Rs. 40 or above on your internet bill and not to mention supporting piracy. Think and act wisely.

I hear our audience complain that the ticket rates in cinemas are high and that is one of the main reasons behind piracy.

In my view, we have theatres with ticket rates ranging from Rs.50 to Rs.120 across Tamil Nadu. You are free to select a ticket that is affordable to you. If you are booking the tickets at your convenience through internet, they charge an additional Rs. 30/ticket. It is charged as convenience fee. This can be avoided if you purchase the ticket directly from the counter. We pay additional fee to save time, travel, fatigue, fuel charges etc.

Many complain about the highly priced snacks at the movies. I agree. The charges are indeed high. However isn’t that optional? If you want to have snacks from their counter you have to pay the price. They run their business through these snack counters. Also, you are not allowed to carry snacks of your own within their premises. But it is a private property and they have certain rules to be followed so that it benefits them financially. The money you spend on snacks does not go to the producer or the filmmaker.

The parking charges in most of the multiplexes are charged based on the mall’s parking rules. Even the parking charges do not go to the producer or the filmmaker.

It is disturbing to witness one making use of all the optional luxuries and use that as an excuse to support piracy.

To that end I would also request cinemas to make drinking water available for free for all the obvious ethical reasons.

I have also heard loose comments on the salary of the actors and technicians. Do understand that there are several factors like market value and percentage that decide this. A software engineer who earns around 30K/month for a project of 3L gets10% which is not very different from what happens with the stars. They attract audience to the screens, so they charge their fee. You must be aware of one thing; there are also a group of people like me who still wait for our pay check. Every film supports more than 1000 families. It is not just a number, it is the reality.

If you still feel that the ticket price must be reduced, you must raise your concern in an appropriate way instead of killing someone’s dream and hard work.”

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