Raghava Lawerence: The entire victory belong to students

While a section of people seriously doubting about Raghava Lawerence’s support for students at Jallikattu protest as a promotional gimmicks, the actor has donated RS 10 lakh to repair the damaged fish markets at Marina.

Sources say that due to unfortunate incidents happened during the last day of Jallikattu protest, fish markets at Marina were damaged so Raghava Lawerence decided to repair it with his own money.

The actor also said in a press statement that the entire victory belong to students. “My greetings to all the media friends. I am forever grateful to all of you for constantly supporting me. The entire Tamil community is indebted to you guys for playing a major part in the massive success of students protest against the ban of Jallikattu in Marina.The students have come over all the barriers and have achieved this success.

A lot of media friends have been asking me to call for a press meet. But this entire victory belongs to the students. So, I request you all to call the students for the meet. I will take part in the event, as one among them. It is not justifiable to call just me for the press meet”, said Lawerence.

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