Vishal : As a Citizen of India my heart bleeds to see the plight of Tamils

Actor Vishal has written a bold letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to immediately intervene to lift the ban for Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu. Following is his detailed note to the Prime Minister…

I am here by writing to you with deep pain and agony seeking your support in one of the most pressing issues of Tamil Nadu today, ‘The Ban on Jallikattu’. ‘Jallikattu’ is an Integral Part of our tradition and it’s very important for the growth and sustainability of Rural Tamil Nadu.

Unfortunately, there are various stereotypes surrounding the ‘Cultural Practice’ calling it to be a ‘Barbaric Practice which abuses animals in various forms.’ However, this is totally untrue as in reality the People in rural areas take such good care of the ‘Bulls’ throughout the life, as they take care of their own children and I have personally witnessed this.

I am an Animal Lover myself and I have endorsed various animal welfare causes such as ‘Voicing against Illegal Cattle Trafficking’, ‘Illegal Dog Killing in Kerala’ and endorsing ‘Reflective Collars Campaigns to prevent the accident of Stray Cattle & Dogs’ etc.

As an Animal Lover I can vouch that the bulls in Jallikattu are not subjected to cruelty by any means. In Contrary the Practice of ‘Jallikattu’ can only help us preserve our ‘Native Cattle’. I would also like to further add that one of the key reasons for the declining Animal Population in India is the fact that the Human and Animal bonding has been steadily declining for the past few decades as ‘Urbanization’ took over.

Banning such ‘Cultural Practices’, which has been passed on to us by our ancestors to maintain the bonding between Man and Animal alive for years to come, will only pose a threat to the already declining ‘Cattle Population’ In India.

I am a firm believer that the Youth of the nation is our Future, and at this juncture I would like to highlight the fact that the youth of Tamil Nadu have joined hands for this cause from various cities and had boldly come forward to voice out their opinion on the streets seeking to lift the Ban on ‘Jallikattu’.

The situation has also resulted in outbreak of conflicts during the protests which is concerning the disruption of ‘Law and Order’ of the state which even led to the protestors being subjected to ‘Lathi Charge’.

As a Citizen of India my heart bleeds at seeing their plight and I feel that this situation has threatened the Fundamental Constitutional Rights of India Article 29 and 30 of Indian Constitution which provides for cultural and education right, which clearly intends to preserve the right of any section of Citizen to conserve their culture, language and script.

The situation has subjected the people of Tamil Nadu to immense mental stress and anguish and has also made them questions their Status Quo in the Country. If this situation persists, I am worried that there may raise a social unrest which in the long run is not good for the peace and prosperity of the state.

Therefore, I seek your immediate intervention in this matter as a ‘Pressing Situation’ such as this needs immediate resolution. I was until recently fully convinced that there will be a positive response from the ‘Honorable Supreme Court of India’ in favour of ‘Jallikattu’ until the last minute, and I was deeply disappointed to hear that the Ban had continued disrupting the Celebrations of this year.

Shri Narendra Modi Ji, you have been a People’s Prime Minister and your Government has always been supportive to ‘Cultural’ and ‘Traditional’ Practices of India. Therefore, I decided to write to you and make an appeal to pass an Ordinance that will allow the practice of ‘Jallikattu’.

This Ordinance can be the only resolution to the hope for millions of people from Tamil Nadu and also from various parts of the World who is looking forward to the recovering of our ‘Cultural Identity Back’ and ‘Save our Native Indian Breeds’.

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