Chinmayi’s crystal clear thoughts on Jallikattu

Singer Chinmayi is known for her exemplary articulation skills and she has always registered her clear cut thoughts on various social issues. Now she has written a long blog post without taking sides on Jallikattu. Following is her point of view on the recent agitation against the traditional sport….

Each day, I try and grow wiser, I want to read in-depth about something before I comment on it. As someone who has grown up in the city, I do not have any exposure to the tradition of Jallikattu except to annually watching clips of it on the news, usually attached to the news of x number of men injured; men’s stomachs gored out.

I however do not remember any channel explaining the history and tradition on why Jallikattu happens in the first place. As a city dweller, Jallikattu was something that was presented in a scary manner. Add this to reportage of how the bulls are being tortured, are fed, well, stuff, to go manic, a certain opinion is formed slowly over time.
A driver that plied us today, hails from Madurai. He said and I quote “Some bulls raised by their owners are trained in a manner where lemons are rolled out in front of them, and the bull tries to gore the lemon with its horns and these are the ones which gore humans.

This practice of raising the bull thus, is wrong”. He also admitted that the ban was brought about because of rearers indulging in malpractices fundamentally against the rules set up by the organizing committee and he named two areas, that he believes were great organizers of the Jallikattu. The others, he wasn’t so sure. He named one as being Alanganallur, the other skips my memory.

Article 141 of the Constitution makes it clear that the court’s decision is binding on all of us including the subordinate courts and we all know that Jallikattu has been banned for being against animal rights.

Even the review seems to have been dismissed. Now, I do not write here, to ask any of us to violate or disobey the law. On the contrary, I would urge all of us not to violate the law, but to follow it scrupulously so long as it is in binding upon us.

You would ask why? Respect of the judiciary and implementation of its decisions is critical to democracy and to avoid anarchy. Howsoever contrary to our personal viewpoints the judgment might be, it is imperative we follow the law. It is the very least that the average law abiding citizen is expected to do.

However, the Supreme court of India itself permits all of us to have our individual views even if it be at variance with the Supreme Court’s view, provided it is an honest and genuine difference in viewpoint rightfully entertained without casting any aspersions on the Judges concerned or the might of the Judiciary. Such opining upon a judgment, I am advised cannot constitute any contempt (to the courts).

Having said that, if there are some aspects of our ancient Tamizh tradition, in particular concerning Jalikattu and we have failed to bring it to the notice of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the fault does not lie with the Supreme Court, but with us, who have not bothered to bring this fact to its notice.

The court in its infinite wisdom, is not excepted to know every nuance of fact and prevalent custom unless it is brought to its notice. Equally it is our duty to bring to the notice of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the opinions of experts who have spent decades in researching this subject as to the circumstances under which Jallikattu might possibly be permitted to be continued as a practice reflecting ancient Tamizh pride.

Do read the article linked below, written by Himakiran Anugula.

On the question of Jallikattu, as a person who has been completely in the pursuit of the liberal arts, I am happy to confess to my personal ignorance on the history or practice of Jallikattu. Nothing, however, prevents me, despite my ignorance, to question those who raised the issue before the court earlier, whether this particular analysis in the article linked below, was ever brought to the notice of the Supreme Court and whether it was duly considered and dealt with.

If it has not been so done, I along with the millions of self respecting Tamizhs, would only hope and pray that the Tamizh God Muruga would come to our rescue and at some suitable date, brings this to the notice of the Hon’ble Supreme Court for it consider it and to pronounce a suitable verdict satisfactory to all of us at the appropriate time.

With this hope for the future, I wish this Pongal be a happy one for the farmers.

Banning Jallikattu Will Decimate India’s Indigenous Cattle Breeds

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